Top 8 Reasons For Using Steel To Construct A Building

Steel is an essential material in constructing a building because of its capacity to withstand unfavorable weather conditions including hurricanes and strong wind. Nowadays, construction builders are turning to steel because of its affordability, strength, and durability. Steel buildings include church buildings, airplane hangars, and gymnasiums. The following is an outline of the benefits of steel:

1. Reduced Construction Time

Construction builders take a short time to complete constructing a steel building. Steel building systems have pre-engineered components that are easier to assemble. Small buildings take a few days to be constructed while large buildings take weeks instead of months.

2. Lowered Construction Cost

Building with steel reduces the overall cost of construction including the cost of labor. This is because of the specifically engineered components that are easily fit together, and use of automation reduces cost. Therefore, assembling of the components at the construction site lowers the cost for manual labor significantly.

3. Durability

Steel is best for constructing any building because it is a durable and weather resistant metal. Extreme weathers like wind, hurricanes, and storms cannot affect a steel building. Steel is durable and can withstand rust because of its special coating: galvalume.

4. Environmentally friendly

Steel is made of recycled materials and has a long life cycle. A building made of steel does not produce harmful pollutants. Its heat and cooling figures are lower compared to the other metals used for construction.

5. Insurance benefit

The durability of steel and its fire retardant nature makes it difficult to be damaged. Therefore, insurance companies in most places are offering a discount for insuring steel buildings.

6. Steel is light

Steel is lighter than wood, especially in the framing phase. The lightweight nature of steel also helps in reducing labor and shipping cost. It can also simplify the design of the foundation of a building and the overall budget of construction.

7. Steel is versatile

Besides being molded into any shape, steel has the exterior ability to produce wood-like sliding. Steel is also preferred by most construction builders and architects because it allows them to implement their innovative designs and construct a safe and resilient building at the same time.

8. Steel and Wood Hybridization

Steel can be combined with wood materials to produce an exquisite design. A steel/wood building is constructed when the durability properties of steel are paired with the insulation properties of wood.

In conclusion, steel is the best material for constructing any building: A skyscraper or a church building. A steel building is strong and can withstand strong wind, a storm or hurricane. It saves you money through reduced labor cost. Its lightweight nature is incredible thus easier to ship. Additionally, steel does not cause harm to the environment. It is recyclable and energy efficient.

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